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Award Leisure offer a good living for all their employees as well as better the life of our customers. We aim to provide a better quality of life through wellbeing and healthy living. Internally and externally for all our stakeholders.

We continue to invest in our staff and their development. With the ever changing and developing world, it is always important to stay ahead of the game and evolve in our learning and understanding. Award Leisure encourage and support to fund this growth for staff.

All workplaces offer a warm and safe environment, with a hot cuppa, it’s a door always open policy.

Every year we acknowledge our teams dedicated and contribution to the business by a lavish and fun Christmas party, along with paid group socials and team building events throughout the year, so we all stay connected.

Health and wellbeing is a vital part of what we offer, so we continue this in our ethos by offering vitality health care.

Equality is very important to our values and beliefs. We promote empowering women and men, and pledge to never drop below 36% employment rate of women. We are proud to state we currently have a 43% representation of women working for Award Leisure.

Our customers are our family community, and we encourage their feedback, ideas and appreciate their support. Our stores aim to provide an experience, to up lift and encourage happier, healthier moments from our products and services. Bringing families together, to improve their lives and wellbeing.
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We are always looking at ways to connect with our community. Over the years we have sponsored local football teams, events, charities and more. We continue to support great causes doing good and benefiting our local, national and global community. Whether this be financially, volunteering our time or donations.

We encourage our customers and staff to give back to our charity partners through different channels throughout the year. Some examples of this; are through our McMillan coffee mornings, our Christmas Jumper day, donating a Hot Tub rental to A Gift to Lift and Pass on the party to local food banks and raffling hamper donations.

All our customers are our family. We encourage them to stay in touch and stay connected through our social media channels and our regular podcast where you can access free advice and guidance, voucher codes and discounts, competitions and giveaways. Be apart of improving your life, learning and togetherness.
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Running a business comes with many challenges, and we are working on reducing the impact these have for all our stakeholders.

We try our best to work through all difficult circumstances, especially at unpredictable times.
war conflictsupplier delaysstaff shortagesshipping delaysproduction capacitypolitical influencesglobal pandemic
We acknowledge we may not always get it right. But we do strive to invest into the growth of our business, through people, planet, and products.
technology & innovation

Technology & Innovation

At Award Leisure we have chosen products which we believe are the best in the market, if we thought there was better – we’d be selling it. Our British Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are designed in the UK and specific for our UK consumer and have the ultimate global benchmark of ISO 9001:2015 for quality management. Customer satisfaction is absolute in our company’s success.

Our product Beachcomber portfolio is exclusive to the UK market and has been carefully selected to align with our high expectations of quality, unique design and maximum pleasure.
Why award leisure?


We only work with brands which offer tested and approved leading innovation and technology. Our energy-saving technology products are 100% insulated providing unrivalled energy efficiency that saves up to 33% in operating costs than industry standard. Our Hot Tubs uses powerful UV technology which sterilises over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your hot tub, with no chemical by products. Our feature loaded hot tubs are unmatched in the industry, to improve and benefit all your social, health and economic needs.

We have a trusted and personal relationships with our brand partners and work heavily with them on improving materials, design and end user experience. All partners are screened to align with our company goals and values.
Why award leisure?
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brand impact

Brand Impact

We want everyone in the UK to know and consider purchasing their premium outdoor leisure products from us here at Award Leisure. Our products speak for themselves. That’s why we want to raise as much awareness through multiple social media channels, our community podcast, supporting local communities through sponsorship and advertising through print, radio and TV. We use many marketing tools to promote our brand and make the biggest splash in the wet leisure industry.
Why award leisure?


We are by no means where we want to be in supporting our environment and planet in the way it deserves, but we do try. Our investment in advanced technology has increased our efforts in achieving a much more paperless environment.
We visit all our suppliers and their factories to ensure decent work.
Responsible consumption and production is important to our business, we aim to do more for our planet by eventually bringing production to the UK, lowering emissions and creating more jobs in the UK with a much shorter value chain.
Our products are built to the ultimate insulation and energy efficiency. We take pride in our products which host the cleanest sanitation system, reducing the need to drain and refill and waste water.
We currently use lease vans as a way to reduce lower emissions. Electric vehicles are not a sustainable solution right now, we will continue to find better solutions for the future.
We recycle most of our waste materials and continue to collaborate with suppliers to improve materials and waste.
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